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DJ Bobby V

DJ Bobby V should open a school for mixmasters and DJ’s. He blends music together rather than fading in and out or using the pause for shout-outs or brag blurbs. Taking tempo and key into consideration, he creats non-stop-dance-till-ya-drop compilations of contemporary hip-hop that will keep your body moving without sudden drops or increases in tempo or making your ears bleed. The transitions between songs are so transparent you won’t know the track has changed unless you’re watching the readout on your cd player when it happens.

Many of his mix tapes include medleys that prove he’s not only good with the technical stuff, but his personal taste is to be envied as well.

If you’re a mix-master wannabe and wannabe the best, you owe it to yourself to get a few of these and really listen to them to hear how it should be done.

A short word about copyright – we are not selling you the music, we are selling you the method. The copyrights remain with the artists that recorded the actual music DJ Bobby V uses for his mixtapes and you are not entitled to use beyond personal listening unless you are a professional DJ, and then your usage rights are limited by laws of which you should be aware. If you like any of the songs on these mixtapes, we strongly urge you to find and purchase the album or the song. Help keep the music alive and fresh by supporting the talented artists that create it.