Dimo Mitchev

The music of Dimo Mitchev blends elements of Celtic, Renaissance and New Age styles using traditional classical instruments to create a sound at once soothing and evocative. His debut album “Bard’s Fly” is very well thought out in form, structure, character and an enchanting feature with each track that seemed to take you deeper and deeper into the world of the ancient celtic times – times of heroes and honour.

Primarily a composer, Dimo Mitchev developed a keen ear for the ethnical sounds of the world’s many musical styles, like mostly exposed to Medieval and Renaissance music. These experiences, along with an appreciation for the inherent beauty of the sounds lead him far away from his homeland into the cold Moscow, where he recorded “Bard’s Fly” with the help of students from Russian Academy of Music (Gnesin).

Most of the compositions revolve around the classical instruments as harp, violin, violoncello, bassoon, oboe, flute and etc. In the context of his music, however the mix of Ancient and Modern helps to transport the listener into new realms bound only by the imagination.

“When listening to his music, one can feel a concern for the planet and an awareness of the dangers to life in a shrinking world. But there is also a sense of hope and a positive life energy that balances these concerns. In a world facing complex and overwhelming difficulty, his music creates an atmosphere of calm, peace and understanding.”- AMAdea Records, BULGARIA