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Bieber’s New Hairdo Met With Disgust

Bieber hasn’t been the most loved singer in the last few years. From his days as the world’s heartthrob, he’s turned into more of a punching bag, getting criticism from all sides.  As if his confession of depression weren’t enough, troll-like fans took to social media after Bieber shared his new haircut, some comments pushing the limit.

A few of the top-ranking comments on his feed were “Justin Bieber got dreadlocks oml wtf (what the f**k). (sic).” Another said, “Justin, what the hell is up with your hair.” One commenter threw in the race card, “Justin sweetheart you have to understand that to support black people and the anti-racism movement you have to be coherent to what you preach, and that means not doing cultural appropriation ever dreadlocks do not look good on you.”


Bieber Under Pressure

This criticism is not Bieber’s first time to get backlash for his actions, facing criticism for his style and dreads back in 2016. Several followers took to the web to express concern when Justin came out with a whole new style and a whole new collection of tattoos. Bieber’s been an active candidate for racial equality, standing beside other musicians and actors in the fight. The last time he hit the web with dreads, millions of comments flooded through commenting on his cultural influence. Those offended claimed he was “adding fuel to the fire,” proving how people rob Black culture.

Justin’s always active on social media and has not yet responded to the comments about his dreads. His means of revenge came in the form of sharing photos alongside wifey, Hailey, as they vacationed under the sun. Bieber isn’t one to fight back with commentators and will likely let all of the talks blow over while enjoying the simple life. Since the tender age of 16, he’s been under the spotlight and faced everything from bullying to online trolling. In an interview with Variety, Bieber opened up about his struggles with depression, admitting he’d been dealing with it for years. He claimed he “shouldn’t even be alive,” eaten up with negative thoughts and in a seemingly inescapable hole.


Still A Hit Maker

In any case, the start continues to make hits and just dropped his second EP, Freedom, released only two weeks after his sixth album, Justice. The pop superstar has been a chart-topper for many years, and Justice was no different.  In its first week, it was number one in sales in the US. It’s streamed 138 million times and earned more than 29,000 sales alone. The singer’s style has evolved, changing into one that highlights his maturity.

Bieber fever is far from over, and fans are sure to stick around. There’s no confirmation whether or not Bieber will continue to work on music this year or if he will drop it for good. He’s back, for now, and seemingly stronger than ever, coming a long way since he’s admitted his faults and struggles.