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DMX’s Final Monster Truck Ride

A large crowd of rap superstars, Ruff Ryder motorcyclists, and fans gathered outside of Barclays, awaiting the arrival of DMX. His life celebration commenced and filled the arena with positive vibes and happy tears as family and fans looked back at his life.

DMX, legally known as Earl Simmons, made it big in the rap game when he signed on with Murder Inc. Before that, he was making appearances around Hollywood and collaborating with top names like Nas. Nas shared his thoughts of the “hip-hop icon” and reminisced about their collaboration in Belly, the rapper’s first feature film.


Everyone Had Good Things to Say

Drag-On, a rapper in the Ruff Ryders label, held back tears as he claimed, “he taught me everything I know.” Rap icon Jadakiss said, “This is a big hit for us, the world. It hurts anytime you lose a soldier, but this one hurts different.” Styles P mentioned, “He was in pain the whole way — the whole way, from whenever you seen him, that man was in pain.” So many icons shared so many positive words to commemorate the life DMX-that passed on far too soon.

DMX’s death took his family, fans, and colleagues by storm. On the late-night of April 3, 2021, the rapper was rushed to the hospital after fainting at home. After analysis, they found that he had suffered from a drug overdose that triggered a heart attack that caused him to blackout. After resuscitation, doctors noticed there was little to no brain activity, and, after a few days passed, he remained in a vegetative state.


A Surprised Passing

On April 9, 2021, DMX passed, leaving behind family, friends, and fans from all around the world. While his death came as a surprise, this was not the rapper’s first stint with drugs. He’s gone to rehab a few times, the last time back in 2019. Though he’d had ups and downs, the rapper was known for getting back up and urge his fans to dust off and keep on moving.

His positive outlook and impact were one of many positive themes shared at his funeral, with big names like Kanye West, Jay Z, Beyonce, and A$AP Ferg among the crowd. Apart from musical performances, the event fluttered with memories shared by close friends and family. Fans gathered on the outside also shared their love for the late rapper, sharing their favorite songs, lyrics, and music videos.

It was an event to remember, with DMX’s casket riding into Barclays in a monster truck. All applauded the idea and said that he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Though many shed tears, most of the memories shared were positive and meant to celebrate his life instead of mourning it. He wanted everyone to know that life throws things our way, and it’s the way we handle them that makes the difference. The rap game and his fans and family will surely miss him, and his music will go on living.