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Know This, Hear This

The musical report of the state of the world as seen through the eyes of A.A. Owen.

This cd could change the way you think about our world. The lyrics deal with many of the wrongs that have been and are still being done to our fellow human beings. This intense and moving work ends with quotations from the Bible and wise people, asking for a change.

Because this album is one track, samples have been culled from various spots throughout the piece. The samples are labeled with the times they appear on the recording.

A review by Jef Peace, Senior Partner

Mere words fail to express the depth of this work, so this review will be short.

Stunningly rich and beautiful soft jazz/new age music is the backdrop for this disturbing and eloquent report on the atrocities of which man is not only capable of, but is guilty of and continues to be guilty of … even in this enlightened age of scientific marvels.

Mr. Owen warned me prior to sending this cd that it was “a serious work about the state of the world.” What he did not and could not prepare me for was the lump in my throat and the moisture on my cheeks long before the final refrain had made its melancholy exit. Even now, hours after listening to it, its message continues to haunt my thoughts.

I urge everyone to acquire a copy and I thank Mr. Owen for his bravery and empathy. Only a man of honor and commitment could have constructed such honest and heartfelt music and in exchange for the gift of increased awareness brought about by this song, I pledge to be one of those who helps effect a change.