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Pearl Session Studio Classic Review

The Pearl Session Studio is undoubtedly a professional set that offers you many features of the higher series. It is a very versatile set perfect for all kinds of styles and situations, both live and in the studio. This drum kit includes many of the improvements that Pearl uses in the Masters, Reference, and Masterwork series.

It offers an open sound, with a fast response and wide dynamic range but, to know more about the Pearl Session Studio Classic, just keep reading this review.



Pearl is one of the largest companies in the drum industry and offers its users the Session Studio Classic, a drum kit for both beginners and advanced users with excellent resistance characteristics.

  • Drums/Shells: Good quality wood.
  • Shell Hardware: Chrome.
  • Hoop Material: Steel.
  • Cymbals: Not included.
  • The number of pieces: 4; 1 bass drum, 2 rack toms, and 1-floor tom.
  • Hardware not included.
  • Sound: Excellent.



This drum set has a junior configuration ideal for children or small people. The bass drum measures 22″ x 16″, which is quite practical. The Tom-Toms are 10″ x 07″ and 12″ x 08″ and this implies that they are aesthetically proportional to install them at a short height, for children. The floor tom is 16″ x 14″ and also includes air suspension rubber feet and rubber gasket-lined bass drum claws.

The hardware is premium chrome with double reinforcement and the Bass Drum pedal has a double chain. This impressive kit for beginners or intermediates has been equipped by the Pearl company and offers the possibility of equipping it with 5A drumsticks, a drumstick holder, and an adjustable seat for the drummer.

Finally, the company offers its users a very good set of cymbals with a 14” Hi-Hat and a 16” crash that you can purchase separately to complete the pack. It is everything necessary for the novice drummer to start with one of the best kits.



The drums/shells of this drum set are made of high-quality birch and Kapur, distributed in six layers for a thickness of 7.5 mm and a lacquered high-gloss piano white finish. This is very good because it provides a resistance that few drums have: it can withstand use and abuse, close to 800 kg of pressure with little chance of breaking.

The hardware is made of reinforced steel specially designed for beginners who, lacking the necessary experience, tend to bend these pieces and often cause the threads to become isolated. In this drum, this will not happen easily due to its reinforcement. Another item that wears out regularly is the kick pedal. Enthusiastic students usually break the strings of the bass drum, but in this drum set, the string is double and made of reinforced steel.



The multilayer Birch / Kapur wood has a good response to all sound frequencies.

The bass is not very deep (7db) but it is stable and warm with good resonance. While the mids have a response of 6 dB, producing sounds with very good body, with sustain and that strengthen the bass. The brightness ranges from 6 to 7 dB so the sound, in all its ranges, is very balanced and with vibrations that produce good harmonics.

This great drum kit has great design features that make it desirable for intermediate drummers. Also, the quality of their wood is remarkable for the valuable sound they generate.