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Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster

There are many musicians and collectors alike who adore the Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster like anything. It retains many of the original specifications of the one made in the 1960s. This vintage-style model has a solid body made up of ash wood that sets a standard for a classic guitar style. This model hails from the Ensenada factory in Baja California, the northernmost state of Mexico.



Christopher Fleming, a former fender custom shop master builder, took the previous design of the instrument. He further upgraded it to make this Classic Player Baja Telecaster. He included all the 1960s features to make it more retro and vintage like a comfortable ‘60s “C” – shaped neck profile and a Pau Ferro fingerboard.

The other features of this model included an Alder body along with a special four-way pickup switch. This switch offers pickup in series along with parallel pickup. It has an American Vintage 1952 neck and 1958 bridge single-coil pickups. Three brass saddles are there to make the bridge of the telecaster which also includes a deluxe gig bag. And last but not the least, S-1 switch for more tonal options which makes up this American Vintage strings-thru-body.

Many guitar players laud this customizable vintage design around the globe. For the customize function, fender offers some of the mods for its players. It offers a higher degree of sonic versatility and quality. The body of this classic vintage guitar makes up of Alder and its V-shaped neck and fretboard material is maple. It has a hardtail bridge guitar system with a total of 6 strings. It has a thin polyester finish and medium-jumbo frets. It also has a custom vintage-style broadcaster bridge and custom twisted Tele-neck pickup.

It has a wide range of tonal palettes. No matter how simple it looks from the outside, a lot of complex things keep happening inside it. Under the body is a Custom Shop Broadcaster single-coil at the bridge. Also, a Custom Shop ‘Twisted Tele’ pickup at the neck. While exploring the positions and different pickups you can experience a wide range of tonal differences. When you hit the S-1 switch, the whole things hollow out completely. Other positions create distinct sounds. A player while playing this fender classic player Baja telecaster has to learn several things. But the most important one is the art of balancing between standard and parallel pickups.

This electric guitar sounds amazing and offers so many brilliant features. Also, the vintage design makes it look very classy. The design shines out its other feature and together makes it a great instrument to own and flex. It comes in a variety of colors to choose from as per the choice and taste of the person who is willing to buy the guitar. To compare it with other vintage models we can see how Christopher Fleming knew what he was doing. The features of this classic player Baja telecaster stand out as its USP. It is a little expensive but the price is nominal for its worth. A prized possession for both players and collectors.