Dimo Mitchev

The music of Dimo Mitchev blends elements of Celtic, Renaissance and New Age styles using traditional classical instruments to create a sound at once soothing and evocative. His debut album “Bard’s Fly” is very well thought out in form, structure,…

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DJ Bobby V

DJ Bobby V should open a school for mixmasters and DJ’s. He blends music together rather than fading in and out or using the pause for shout-outs or brag blurbs. Taking tempo and key into consideration, he creats non-stop-dance-till-ya-drop compilations…

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Artist History

Anaya started her artistic activity with 4(four) years old. Her musical education began with the piano at 8 years old and with the guitar at 13 years old. She devoted many years to the composition, musical arrangements and production of…

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